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About Us

Ad+genuity Marketing Solutions started as a media consultancy agency in 2006 with a focus on working with travel and tourism brands in navigating how to promote brands through a digital medium.   In 2008, Ad+genuity grew to be a full service  media agency – specializing in digital.   

Ad+genuity’s reputation grew to be more than  a media agency –  solving complex government funding requirements that incorporated cooperative partner participation and sales channel management.   This expertise led us to be first adopters in the programmatic space in an effort to connect our brands to a global marketplace.

In 2019, Ad+genuity was acquired by Miles Partnership and the full service media business joined the Miles Partnership media team.   

In 2021, Ad+genuity rebranded and is a sister company to Miles Partnership – as an Indpendent Trading Desk (ITD) provides programmatic managed service solutions for all Miles clients but as an independent company as well as new clients across all verticals. 

As an Independent Trading Desk we are independently owned and operated, and consist of a smaller team as compared to larger Agency Trading Desks. Our members specialize in programmatic advertising with deep data analysis that provides our clients more efficiency and enables smarter business decisions. While there are similar services to an Agency Trading Desk – our client engagement is more tailored to individual needs. Depending on budgets and success measurement requirements, we provide a more full service solution including strategy development, campaign execution and management, data analysis, and even content creation into our service offering. Further, our independent nature allows us to provide more control, transparency, efficiency, and personal attention than an agency Trading Desk or DSP.

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