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Our teams manage complex business needs and develop solutions that are unique to each client.   One size does not fit all, and we have access to many different types of close loop measurement data options, as well as industry benchmarking data to make sure that your campaign results map back to your organizations goals and objectives. 

Visit Salt Lake

Visit Salt Lake

  1. Drive upper funnel awareness / discovery around the new “Ski City” brand
  2. Drive traffic to the VSL Ski City microsite (desktop & mobile) to drive a measurable increase in Ski Salt Lake Super Pass sales
  3. Drive wholesale sales growth YOY
  4. Increase overall leisure occupancy in Salt Lake, South Valley, and Cottonwood Canyons

Ad+genuity built a multi-channel media plan, digital radio, direct-to-publisher digital, deal distribution (CPC), programmatic display, programmatic pre-roll, and mobile that provided an affirming framework to the new brand strategy. The largest portion of the ad spending concentrated on driving brand awareness and inspiration using highly interactive digital media that activated the consumers by driving them to the custom microsite featuring dynamic ad creative to feature co-operative lodging partner package offerings 

Dynamic digital creative featured the pillars of the new brand identity (Watch, Explore, Win and Deals), using high-impact rich media display ads, pre-roll video, and mobile-optimized creative deployed programmatically.

  • The campaign drove brand awareness through the multi-channel, rich media planning strategy:
  • 95+ Million impressions delivered
  • Dynamic display campaign achieved 4% engagement rate with over 590 hours in brand engagement
  • Pre-roll campaign achieved 11% engagement rate with a Video Completion Rate of 77%

On-site metrics also boosted YOY:

  • Traffic increased YOY by 17%
  • Campaign page views represented 13% of all website page views
  • Overall hotel revenue increased over 30% across all activation channels
  • Super Pass generated double-digit sales growth YOY.
  • The co-op was formed and successfully participated in by 12 partners

Discover Puerto Rico


Generate responsible visitation to the island of Puerto Rico in the midst of COVID-19 by developing an all-new approach to market selection and digital media targeting. To achieve success, we had to:

  1. Ensure incremental travel/visitation did not generate addition transmission of the virus
  2. Prove to locals, politicians and the local media that the DMO was doing its part to help protect residents while generating vital employment and economic impact
  3. Generate brand awareness when most competing destinations had gone dark to set the destination up for faster recovery once widespread travel was possible

Audience Development:  Developed a new way to look at markets and people.  We created a dynamic market prioritization model and a new “safe traveler” media targeting strategy that leveraged a nuanced mix of actual consumer behaviors and underlying belief systems.

To reestablish proper demographic and psychographic data – we included travel affinities, minimum household incomes, certain experience-related interests – as well as research from Destination Analysts COVID-19 Traveler Research, along with surveys from National Geographic and other national sources to identify the philosophical markers most likely to lead to what we considered “responsible” travel behavior.  

This caused a slight shift in our demographic targeting to a younger audience that tended to skew left of center on the political spectrum.

Media Strategy:  Our team utilized Basis by Centro DSP to input our defined audience to establish the right online user behaviors we were looking for – leading us to channels where we could find these safe travelers.  

Targeting strategy took the following forms:

  • Adjusting programmatic targeting based on age, gender, political leaning and online behavior, including retargeting visitors from articles about safe travel, PPE and other relevant safety content
  • Combining Resonate’s survey-based COVID-19 modeling with Dstillery’s predictive modeling to identify safe travelers who had left home most often for extended periods during the pandemic
  • SEM targeting around people searching for safe travel terms (testing requirements, masks, etc.) and safe destinations
  • Native Content placements featuring content highlighting Puerto Rico’s safety protocols on relevant sites
  • Amazon advertising targeting customers in priority markets searching for PPE, sanitizer, etc.


  • Tripled the average engagement rate of paid sessions users with safe traveler content on
  •  Increasing click-through rate on paid search to 27% compared to the pre-safe traveler targeting an average of 3.18%
  • Reducing SEM Cost Per Click by 60% through targeting specific safe travel terms
  • 2.8 million+ page views of safe traveler content on, with an average time on page of more than 9 minutes
  • Bookings for April through June 2021 are 2% higher than 2019, Puerto Rico’s best year on record
  • Puerto Rico is leading the Caribbean in hotel occupancy as of the end of March 2021
  • Puerto Rico’s occupancy surged past the U.S. average in March and now sits 12% higher
Puerto Rico



Local-level marketing efforts, with a creative messaging focus on community support and local business pride using the “One Of Us” campaign.  

  1. Deploy a content focused campaign highlighting unique experiences in Chattanooga to drive consideration.
  2. Support local businesses during the pandemic by sharing inspirational stories. 
  3. Connect with drive market potential visitors to get them to visit Chattanooga in traveler safe environment. 

Local level marketing efforts, with a creative messaging focus on community support and local business pride using the “One Of Us” campaign.  Focus on drive-market travelers from in-state and out-of-state that align with key behavioral segments: Nature Love, History Buff, Families, and Amenities Seekers.  Psychographic targets the adventurous spirit (no age limitations).  Deployed a highly targeted media campaign across native, display, and social.  Optimized campaign not only by performance, but also with monitoring Covid status for pause implications.  Layer and built upon core plan to optimize towards best performing channels and tactics.

  • Reach:  116 Million Impressions Video Views   
  • 2 million video views on Facebook 
  • YouTube Success Metrics: 26% increase in conversions, 20% increase hotel occupancy

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